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Cat Grooming 101

Dander vs. Dandruff

Dander = The True Cat Allergy Cause:
A particular protein (Fel D1), that is found in cat saliva becomes transferred to the cats coat when they lick themselves. This protein then dries on the coat and flakes off into microscopic flakes into the atmosphere (ie: air vents, clothing, bedding, capets/curtains). The cat hair also holds the flaking dander (along with oil and grease). This is when the misconception originates that people are allergic to "cat hair," when instead it is not the cat hair at all, but the dried saliva that is the true allergen. Many people have beaten their allergies through allergy shots, diet, and Compassionate Cat Grooming.

Don't Cats Clean Themselves?

Here are the basics: Cats lick themselves, they don't groom themselves.

While doing so, they:
• Create dander with their saliva
(Keep in mind, dander and dandruff are different)

• Ingest large amounts of hair that cause hairballs and can potentially cause medical problems.

The cat’s licking unfortunately cannot rid your cat of  painful mats & pelts, removal of fleas/ticks, washing away of dander/dandruff/grease/oil, the cleaning of ears/eyes, and the those most needed nail trims. Can you try yourself?  Sure, but cat bites/scratches are DANGEROUS and products made specifically for the cats health need to be used.  We recommend for everyone’s safety, these procedures should be done by a professional cat groomer.

Does Regular Brushing Help?

Cats like humans produce oil in their skin that gets absorbed by their hair/coat. If this oil isn’t washed out, a sticky, oily buildup will occur. If your cat is hairless, this oil can cause skin irritation and odor. As the hair reaches its furthest length, natural shedding occurs and this buildup causes the hair to stick rather than fall away. Only washing can remove this buildup, regular brushing is good maintenance between grooms. Painful mats and inevitably pelts (tight knots of hair connected over the body) develop if the coat is left to air dry or if the grease has not been removed fully.

Softpaws: What Are They?


Soft Paws are soft vinyl "substitute" claws that are inserted over kitty's natural claws using a pet-safe glue. Soft Paws don't hinder your pet's ability to retract or use her claws--they just prevent her from damaging your fine furnishings, as well as prevent scratches to soft human skin. Soft Paws were invented by an veterinarian and are completely safe, painless and non-toxic. Even if they are swallowed, no problem will result. They just pass on through the digestive system.

Not the same as the ones you can buy in retail stores: The new CLS (Cleat Lock System) Soft Paws are an improved design from the manufacturer. CLS nail caps have "cleats" that help the nail cap adhere to the nail. The result is a better fitting nail cap and longer lasting application.

A small area at the base of each colored CLS nail cap is left clear so you can see part of the cleat system. (When your cat is wearing CLS Soft Paws, you probably won't notice the clear base, since the tip is usually the only part of the nail cap that’s seen once it's fitted onto a claw.)

The Danger of Mats 

Shedding causes loose hairs, that if not removed, will become entwined with the guard hairs. This process is the beginning of a mat. The mat then becomes a cat hair magnet, inviting other hair to join. The truly only humane way to deal with substantial to severe matting is to shave your cat due to the pain and stress that constant, nonstop pulling on the skin causes if you try to remove it.
Mats can cause skin infections, skin lesions and other pyodermas. The hair clumped together cuts off the oxygen to the skin creating a hot bed for bacteria. The dead hair traps dirt and debris. If the mats accumulate on the legs, over time, kitty will be unable to walk properly. If this occurs kitty needs to go to the vet, to be sedated, shaved and medicated. Our goal is to prevent this from happening and to keep your cat's coat healthy and manageable for both of you.

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