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At the Celebrate Your Cat Grooming Studio, your cat will experience first rate, feline grooming services. From your cat’s coat, skin, and nails--we take extra care. After all, we love cats (and dogs too, but we only groom cats). Our goal is to groom your cat as compassionately as possible, and we will treat your cat with the greatest care. A happy, well groomed cat creates a better environment for everyone!!

• Ouch-Management:
To remove pain causing tangles/mats/pelts

• Shorten Length of Coat:
For cats comfort & reduce hairballs/blockages

• Reduce Shedding:
For your environment (ie: allergies, clothes, furniture, etc)

• Increase Comfort:
For sick/elderly/obese cats that can no longer reach areas

• Skin Irritation and/or Odor:
Greasy, dandruff, from fleas, etc

• Sanitary:
Litter in paws, bathroom residual-can't ignore what is under your cat's tail.


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